Text Artist, Calligrapher & Teacher

Leesette Turner is a calligraphy coach, teacher, and letter artist living in Cape Town. She has exhibited locally and internationally, and her work appears in several international collections. Leesette is endlessly fascinated by all things script – Asian, Arabic, African, Asemic, Roman – the underlying traditions and history, how letters become visual images and our relationship with text.

Leesette’s philosophy is to have fun using letters as a form of abstract self-expression where we pursue expression and not necessarily perfection.

Neugebauer’s statement embodies her sentiments: “The scribe is subject to a rhythm that comes from his pulse, from the movement of his blood. A special kind of cardiogram, flowing and ebbing, a translation of invisible mental states into the visible.” 

She feels we should all be benefiting from the advantages of daily calligraphic creations.

Leesette Turner

What I do

Bespoke Calligraphy

Calligraphy and letter art for events, weddings, film, props, activations, corporate and commissions.

View some of my recent clients here.

Workshops & Classes

Start learning calligraphy today. My teaching varies from workshops, fun events, and retreats; imparting my love of letters one alphabet at a time! Book a one-on-one session or join a group class. If you’re not in Cape Town you can join an online class or short inspirational project. Everyone is welcome, from beginners to advanced.

Letter Art

Calligraphy with a twist – traditional calligraphy, borderline lettering art and everything in between. Experimental line pieces are my passion. I have exhibited all over the world, and have work in permanent collections in Brugge, San Francisco and Moscow. I blend art and letters and incorporate the history of art into my works to tell the story from the perspective of the letter.


Workshops & Classes

Cola Pens – what can you do with them

Cola Pens – what can you do with them

The Butterfly Studio, Montebello Design Centre, 31 Newlands Ave, Newlands
Cape Town, Western Cape 7700 South Africa
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Come and be creative and learn all about cola pens.  […]

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02 December 2023