Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based, and will you travel to events?2023-02-10T08:30:15+02:00

I am based in Cape Town, South Africa. Happy to travel. I do charge my travel time as well.

Can you source and provide materials?2023-02-10T08:29:39+02:00

Absolutely, I’m happy to help source materials and give suggestions. I prefer to bring my own tools and materials for the calligraphy. I will liaise with you on this as this is dependent on the requirements.

What are your event requirements?2023-02-10T08:30:28+02:00

I always require good lighting. If I am writing on product, I need a table and a chair with enough space for pre and post written product (sometimes guests like to go off and come back). If we are projecting then I will engage with your tech team on the requirements. Performance space is dependent on what we are writing on.

I have some gift tags / gift boxes/ name tags / Christmas ornaments / water bottles / wallets or other custom materials I would love for you to come to my shop to personalise. Would this be possible?2023-02-10T08:29:25+02:00

I have done tons of activations on different surfaces. I love experimenting with new materials, almost anything is possible. Send me a note with your ideas to info@leesetteturner.com and we make a plan. If you choose to engage me, I always prefer to have a sample to test so that I can make sure you will be happy with the product on the day and that we are on brand.

What happens if our campaign idea changes and evolves while we’re working together?2023-02-10T08:27:53+02:00

I know all about those ever changing deadlines and requirements. I will always try and accommodate these, so let me know soonest about changes. Depending on what has changed, we may need to adjust the quote. Once I start working with you, I regard myself as part of the team and will try and work with you for the best final product.

How long does it take until I have my calligraphy items?2023-02-10T08:27:16+02:00

Turnaround time for event calligraphy will depend on the design complexity, my schedule and the time of year. It all depends on what you need but I will happily try for a fast turnaround. So do get in touch and I’ll create something fabulous for you.

How do I get started?2023-02-10T08:30:46+02:00

Send me an email with your idea to info@leesetteturner.com. I will get back to you about my availability as soon as I can. I can’t wait to start working with you!

Is calligraphy relaxing?2023-02-10T08:26:11+02:00

Yes it’s an invitation to slow down, to be intentional about writing beautifully. So, give yourself that grace, and breathe and just enjoy it.  Everyone who comes to my class comments on how relaxing it is.

I’m not artistic at all, could never do art, will I be able to do calligraphy?2023-02-10T08:25:16+02:00

Yes you will. Calligraphy is about slowing down, giving yourself the grace and time to learn without comparing yourself to anyone else. Its about a lot of practice but I believe in making things to give away and leaving letters – that;’s positive practice and it really works.  The more you make and give away the better you get and the more your confidence grows.  Learning calligraphy is a journey and you just have to enjoy every moment.  Don’t compare yourself to ther who have been doing it for years.  I will show you how.

My handwriting is terrible. I won’t be able to do calligraphy.2023-02-10T08:25:40+02:00

That is not a problem. Many calligraphers have a totally different handwriting. When you are writing for function alone using your left brain your writing may not be very neat. It also depends on how you were taught, and many students are not taught to write correctly and this makes you feel your writing is not up to scratch. The good news is that your right brain does calligraphy. You start by learning and practicing the strokes that make up calligraphy and developing the muscle memory. Once you develop the muscle memory, you will see that everyone can do calligraphy.  Give yourself a second chance, be kind to yourself, you will be amazed! Being in your right brain also makes calligraphy extremely relaxing.

How do I start learning calligraphy?2022-12-01T13:41:10+02:00

I have got you covered! There are so many styles of calligraphy on offer that its often very confusing.  You may want to learn one style and stick to it, or do several. You need to start slowly and learn how to hold consistent pen angles.  I think italic is a very good place to start. If you want to do cursive styles only, then a beginners modern calligraphy is definitely the place to begin. I am passionate about teaching beginners and getting you up to steam quickly.  I believe that there are quick wins, and am happy to pass these on to you. Watch this space for upcoming classes.

What equipment I need to buy to start calligraphy?2022-12-01T13:41:10+02:00

In all my classes, I will show you exactly what you need and why.  Each class gives a list of the supplies or materials which may be needed or recommended. Don’t fall into the trap of buying lots of equipment you don’t need or will never use.  It’s expensive.  In lots of my beginners classes, I supply all the equipment so that you can try out without having to buy anything.  I also try and curate exactly what you need to help you through this.

How long does it take to learn calligraphy?2022-12-01T13:41:10+02:00

Calligraphy is a life-long learning journey.  You can get going pretty quickly, and then just keep practicing by making things and giving them away.  You do need to practice, but I don’t believe in repeating letters over and over.  You learn much faster by actually doing. I will help you to make Calligraphy part of your life and not a time frame!

I have this calligraphy pen but I don’t know how to use it2022-12-01T13:41:10+02:00

Feel free to send me a pic, and I’ll show you want you can do with it.

I am left-handed can I do calligraphy?2023-02-10T08:24:11+02:00

Absolutely! Left handers make great calligraphers. 10% of people are lefties. You need to experiment with new writing tools, ergonomics and paper angles, whether you’re left-handed or right-handed. Calligraphy is an opportunity to slow down, breathe, enjoy the moment, and find your way. So be kind to yourself, give it a try, you will be pleasantly surprised.  There are several things that left-handers need to consider when doing calligraphy: grip, writing direction, posture, special nibs, position of the paper. I’ll help you.

Ownership of designs2022-12-01T13:41:11+02:00

Leesette Turner and Leesette Turner Calligraphy retain the right to any designs created. If you want a design with exclusive rights then please let us know and we will quote you accordingly.

Colabs, Commissions, Activations and Events2022-12-01T13:41:11+02:00

Yes, I do. I have done films, props, weddings, product activations, parties and more. Please email me with all the details and I will be happy to discuss rates and availability.


Yes, I do tattoos. I would love to create something special just for you.  Please look through my Instagram and let me know what style you like; also send through the details of the design you are after.  I will get back to you with turnaround times and rates. Please email me with all the details and I will be happy to discuss rates and availability.


Yes, I do signatures. I would love to create something special just for you.  Please look through my Instagram and let me know what style you are after. I will get back to you with turnaround times and rates. Please email me with all the details and I will be happy to discuss rates and availability.

Can we have coffee?2022-12-01T13:41:11+02:00

Cape Town has many coffee shops that are well worth supporting. You are welcome to contact me and if time allows, we can plan to meet!

Can you do a one on one?2022-12-01T13:41:11+02:00

Yes, in-person and Zoom one-on-ones are possible and are coming soon.

Do you teach/offer workshops?2022-12-01T13:41:11+02:00

I offer in person workshops and you can view current available workshops soon.

I am happy to tailor a workshop to a group should you wish to offer something for a special occasion or corporate get together or team building event. Email me to discuss.

On occasion, I do offer in-person workshops during my travels.

Looking to learn from the comfort of your home? Online classes to watch at your leisure, coming soon.


I enjoy contributing to causes and would love to assist in raising awareness for issues that need more attention in this world. Because I am actively involved in projects, I am not always able to participate in all proposed inquiries. Please email me with all the details.

Can I interview you?2022-12-01T13:41:11+02:00

Sure, I am not always able to participate in all proposed inquiries. Please email me with all the details.

I still have a question, how do I contact you2022-12-01T13:41:11+02:00

You can email me at info@leesetteturner.com. I will be happy to help, but please give me a few days to do so! Sometimes my inbox can get overloaded. If you haven’t heard from me, please feel free to mail again.

Minimum numbers2022-12-01T13:41:11+02:00

I always put a minimum number on my workshops.  If the bookings do not exceed the number, then we reserve the right to move the workshop forward to a suitable date.

What is your cancellation policy?2022-12-01T13:41:11+02:00

If due, to unforeseen circumstances, we have to cancel a class you will be refunded or given the option to move the booking to a future class of your choice.  If you need to cancel a class it works as follows: if you cancel 48 hours in advance – 100% refund; 24 hours in advance – 50% refund, on the day of the workshop – no refund.

When is my booking confirmed?2022-12-01T13:41:11+02:00

Your spot is booked when it is paid for.

Refund Policy2022-12-01T13:41:11+02:00

No-shows are non refundable.

Can I purchase a workshop as a gift?2022-12-01T13:41:11+02:00

Gift a calligraphy experience!  The perfect gift idea for a friend or colleague!

If you’d like to purchase a calligraphy workshop as a gift, email Leesette (info@leesetteturner.com) with the recipient’s name and email address, as well as your details and we will be in touch to arrange your gift.


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