Calligraphy Services & Classes

Bespoke Calligraphy

We live in a world where mostly everything is computer generated. Receiving a personalised, beautifully written gift makes all the difference. Handwritten letters connect you with the recipient, messages the heart, and leaves a great impression. Seeing your name appearing as a gift is personalised live is just awesome. I love people’s responses.

I work on commissions for brands and individuals and cater for all your lettering and calligraphy requirements.

Event Calligraphy

Event planning and needing hand-crafted calligraphy for that special hand-lettered touch that gets you noticed?

I offer calligraphy and lettering services to individuals, luxury brands, event co-ordinators and PR companies to help with that extra calligraphy detailing. Calligraphy can change an event and create a captivating and truly personal, retail experience.

My skills have allowed me to help brands, institutions and companies to improve their communication with their customers. I offer a range of different calligraphy styles, from traditional to modern. I am happy to come up with customised style solutions to keep the calligraphy on brand.

Events include:

  • Seasonal or promotional events
  • Private events including bespoke workshops
  • Corporate gifting
  • Wedding calligraphy

Calligraphy solutions:

  • Live, on-site services or activations -calligraphy and brush lettering to personalise a range of surfaces.
  • Personalised products from gift tags or gift boxes. Customised gift packages for a an extra personal touch for influencers or your guests
  • Custom calligraphy invitations
  • Envelope calligraphy
  • Place card calligraphy
  • Handwritten menus
  • Certificates, and certificates of authenticity
  • Film, props, posters
  • Chalk boards

Some of the brands I’ve worked with on a range of exciting event calligraphy projects include:

Classes & Workshops

Start learning calligraphy today. Sometimes you just need a teacher. That’s why I have actual classes.

My in-person teaching varies from workshops, fun events, and retreats. Imparting my love of letters one alphabet at a time! Even if you feel like you can’t, we will find a way for you to can. Book a one- on-one appointment  or join a group session. Not in Cape Town – join an online class or select a short inspirational project. Everyone is welcome, beginners to advanced. Sign up at the bottom of this page and stay tuned.

One On Ones

If you are a calligraphy and lettering student and you want one on one tuition or need personal advice about a technical aspect of lettering, a tool, you want me to mentor you on a project, or you simply want to bounce an idea around, I have created one on ones especially for these requests.

Letter Art

Calligraphy with a twist – traditional calligraphy, borderline lettering art and everything in between. Experimental line pieces are my passion. I have exhibited all over the world, and have work in permanent collections in Brugge, San Francisco and Moscow. I blend art and letters and incorporate the history of art into my works to tell the story from the perspective of the letter.

I do sell my work, you are welcome to contact me should you wish to discuss work for sale. Kindly send me an email at should you wish to view.

Custom Calligraphy Commissions

A beautifully thoughtful gift for a wedding, anniversary (the first anniversary is paper) or birthday. I love creating unique calligraphic gifts and am very happy to work with you on this.

There is plenty of room to find a bespoke solution – I offer several calligraphy styles of calligraphy, and am always happy to accommodate different colours and requests.

Starting at R800 exclusive of delivery/courier for an A4 calligraphy artwork on luxury white paper stock in black ink.  I am happy to chat through your word count, a customised style or other paper colour (other than white) and ink colours (other than black). Kindly send me an email at for a bespoke quote. Please include the piece you would like lettered, and any style requirements you may have.

Please allow 10 working days for completion prior to courier or collection. If you have an urgent request, I will do my best to accommodate your deadline.

Free Calligraphy stuff

Free resources coming soon!


Thanks for a special evening, Leesette. I look forward to many more of your wonderful workshops!

Brenda F

Thanks so much for an amazing awesome workshop…was soooo relaxing.

Farida D

Thanks so much for a lovey Coffee and Calligraphy class. Well done to you for holding such a gentle, diverse, creative and encouraging environment in which to be able to tune out those long-standing critical voices in my head, tap into something ancient, and discover a seed of creativity. Much appreciated!

Karen L

Thank You Leesette for the amazing class. It was fun and more relaxing than anything else…


Wie het gedink ek sal weer letters maak op amper 57? Wie het gedink ek sal dit so geniet? Koffie kalligrafie noem mens dit. Leesette ons leermeester is geduldig, kunssinnig en prakties.


Thanks for a lovely session. I am so happy to have got over my mental bock with my pen. You are a star!

Fazlin J

Thanks for a fabulous fun morning. Many thanks for the coffee. I will most definitely keep practicing.

Julia B